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Skip Bins for Residential Households

The simple way to manage residential waste and more.

Bin Hire for Household Clean-up

Are you considering skip bin hire to streamline your domestic project? Dial-A-Bin can make your household clean-up a lot easier by taking care of all your rubbish removal requirements. When you sign up for bin hire with our experienced team, there is no need to worry about tip passes or leaving your waste laying around, causing unsightly clutter and mess.

We provide bin hire in Perth's metropolitan areas to remove your green waste, including lawn clippings, leaves, tree trimmings, branches, bushes, creepers and other organic materials. We have a huge variety of bin sizes available depending on the amount of rubbish that needs to be removed. For ease and convenience, all of our bins also have a drop-down ramp suitable for wheel barrow access.

On a tight timeline? No problem - we can have a hire bin at your house on the same day you request it, or the next business day. We allow you plenty of time to clean up your house, garden, shed, workshop, office, shop or factory and have 5 or 7 day hire terms suitable for your requirements. Find out more about our competitive rates, which include both our delivery fee and tipping costs.

When you consider the cost of a tip pass for a small load is $72 (price varies) and the time to pack the trailer, tie down the load, the petrol involved in going to the tip and back and the hours spent it is worth it.

If you haven't been to the tip lately, you will find you also have to drive to different parts of the rubbish recycling centre and you need to do separate wood from garden waste from metal and aluminium.

You end up stopping and starting and backing into all parts of the tip. You can waste a morning just doing this. From $190 for a standard hire for a 2 cubic metre bin, where we drop off the bin and pick it up when you want, it couldn't be simpler.

Save yourself the time and effort and frankly the waste of half a day of your weekend. Make it easy on yourself and spend your weekend having fun not being a do it yourself rubbish removal company.

Simplify your household clean-up project by joining forces with Dial-A-Bin. Find out more about skip bin hire in Perth and request an obligation-free bin hire quote from our knowledgeable team today.